Why Outlook 2016 OST File Keeps Getting Corrupted?

admin | August 4th, 2017 | MS Outlook

There is nothing more annoying than an Outlook error. It is an error that reverts back even after fixing it over and over again. This happens with the OST (Offline Storage File) files. The problem nowadays which Outlook 2016 users are facing is that the OST file keeps getting corrupted very often. The common reason behind this is the failure to understand the core of the problem which causes .ost file corruption in the first place. Until & unless you find & vanishes the core of the issue, you will have to face the corruption issues frequently.

Before you learn more about this error have a glance about Outlook OST file. The OST file is an Offline Storage Table in MS Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016. The best feature of OST file is that it can make possible for the users to work offline & then to synchronize the following changes with the Exchange Server next time when it gets connected to the server. Another type of file of Outlook is PST file i.e personal storage file, it is simply stored on the client or the server rather than on Exchange Server.

In this article we will discuss about the OST file keeps getting corrupted error in Outlook & will also learn how does OST file gets corrupted.

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Objective Behind Frequent OST File Corruption

The Outlook file corruption is quite often, which leads to so much of hindrance while accessing Exchange Outlook OST data file. There are many reasons which cause OST file corruption & leads to an error like OST file is corrupted in outlook. Below these points are mentioned under two broad categories.

Hardware Flaws:

  1. Evolution of bad sectors on the hard drive where the OST file is stored.
  2. Major interruption while synchronising the OST file with server which is caused due to equipment failure (which includes network interface cards, cables, routers, switches, hubs etc.)
  3. Sudden system shut-down due to power failure.

Software Flaws:

  1. The improper recovery of the system causes part of the OST file to get damaged, corrupt or overwritten with garbage data. ( It is advisable to use only trustworthy data recovery product which has proven track record like the one mentioned above).
  2. The Malware infection or the virus attack to the OST file causes extensive damage to the data which is stored in it.
  3. Sometimes the improper closing of Outlook can also effect the OST file, thus it is always recommended to end the application gracefully after saving the changes & by clicking on the Exit button rather than by terminating the application through task manager.
  4. Another corruption reason is when the synchronization of the OST file with the server gets failed.

Impact of OST File Corruption

If any of the problems that are mentioned above causes the OST file to get corrupted on your machine then the Outlook profile & Exchange account of that OST will become inaccessible. While trying to access it users may face errors like:

  • “Cannot open default email folders. The OST file is not an Offline folder file”.
  • “Unable to expand the given folder” Use Inbox repair Tool.
  • “Encountered large number of conflicted items”.
  • “Not able to open Outlook items when offline”

How to Eliminate OST file keeps getting corrupted Error in Outlook

An OST file becomes important when the Exchange Server experiences problems like inaccessibility or server downtime. So, in this case, users can continue to work with their Outlook mailboxes, all because of OST file that are replicas of their Exchange mailboxes. The difference being that all the activity which involves OST file is offline & is merged with Exchange account once the server is up again. It thus becomes very important to resolve issues like OST file keeps getting corrupted at the earliest. Another issue which may arise is that a corrupt OST may prevent you from accessing local data from the Outlook.

OST File Gets Corrupted Error – Manual Solution

Renew the Folder

The user can fix OST file keeps getting corrupted error only by renewing it. Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix Outlook 2007/13 OST file keeps getting corrupted error.

  1. Go to Properties then Right-click on the folder
  2. After selecting the properties a dialog box will appear. Choose offline items from there
  3. Click OK
  4. If you work on Outlook 2010 ribbon then go to Send/Receive option
  5. Click Update Folder

To overcome this problem, it is advised to recover all data from the OST file by extracting & saving it into new usable PST file. For overcoming the corruption issues you can use OST to PST converter. This software stands out in converting these files. You can even try the demo version of the software.

In cases where hardware issue arises like equipment failure or system shutdown, it doesn’t lead to OST file corruption. Then you need to keep updating with hardware & can use UPS instead.


The above article describes the causes behind OST file corruption. It also helps to deal with OST file keeps getting corrupted error in best possible way. Through this article, you can know the reasons behind OST File corruption & the elimination procedure of this error.