“Unable to Initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service” – Error 0x8004010f

admin | August 28th, 2017 | Exchange

Microsoft Exchange users normally encounter errors like “Error 0x8004010f”. The cause of this error is some occurrence of the existing message in the MS Exchange. Here we can encounter the cause or the reason for occurrences and the resolution steps behind this error, that is by the use of manual as well as automated methods.

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Unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange information store service error is a normal case when the users fail to initialize the Information Store in Exchange Server 2010, 2007. Also, this error message will appear when the user’s clock on the Server computers and the Client computer is not synchronized appropriately.

The error with an event ID 5000 puts the whole storage or the database at risk including EDB files like priv1.edb and pub1.edb. Thus this EDB files becoming inaccessible if the error is not rectified at the very moment. Therefore, at the moment when we encounter this error, we should fix it. To do this we should understand the cause of this error 0x8004010f. The main reason is discussed in below section.

  • Cancelling or removing the default policy from ‘Email Address Policies’ tab.
  • Modifying or replacing the default policy with custom email address policy.

Resolution for Error 0x8004010f

To fix the error follow the below steps:

  • Run Internet Explorer, hit Tools and then select Internet Option.
  • Now on the Connections tab >> click LAN Settings
  • After that, select the “Bypass proxy server for local addresscheckbox >> then Advanced
  • Enter FQDN on the Exchange 2007 CAS server and then click OK
  • Finally, restart Outlook

Instructions to Fix Exchange Error 0x8004010f

The following steps must be executed to resolve “Unable to Initialize Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service” error:

  • Restart the Exchange Server
  • Verify that the domain is configured without any error or mistake
  • Make sure that the configured domain is Online
  • Now after this verification restart Exchange Active Directory Topology Services
  • After that run command prompt by Wind + R button and run Exchange Server Administrator
  • Enter: Net time \\ADServerName /Set at the command prompt
  • Finally, restart Exchange Active Directory Topology Service

Remember: Do not forget to restart Exchange Active Directory Topology Service to fix error 0x8004010f

Limitations of Manual Method

  • Identification of the real cause is difficult
  • Long processing
  • Highly time-consuming process
  • Complicated procedure who are technically weak
  • Cannot recover the data as needed

Professional Assistance to Fix Error 0x8004010f

To resolve the error unable to initialize the MS Exchange information store service it is better to opt a professional tool so that it will eliminate the use of the manual procedure. To eliminate the manual procedure, the automated solution is the best shortcut for those who are technically weak. Therefore, an Exchange recovery tool is an apt option for the users who need to convert corrupt, Offline and Dismounted Exchange Server file to Outlook PST file.


The above article is discussed with an error while using Exchange Server that is unable to initialize the MS Exchange information store service. Therefore, the fixation of this error 0x8004010f is discussed with the manual procedures and by an instant solution.